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Welcome to the KnowledgeKube Technology Site
Student? Business Pro? IT Pro? Yes.

KnowledgeKube is the fastest way to develop highly connected enterprise applications for the Web, Windows, iOS and Android.

Use our platform to create highly connected apps that can be deployed across the enterprise and that easily connects with enterprise data, cloud services and devices.

  • Develop connected apps for multiple platforms across device form factors simultaneously.

  • High performance, extensible expression engine with the simplicity of Excel macros.

  • Build rich, localised user interfaces for the Web and natively for Windows 10, iOS and Android tablets.

  • Add powerful automation to your apps. Automate human or system-based processes, build a repository of re-usable business rules.

  • Business users and IT professionals alike can build apps using our feature rich, highly productive back office environment.

  • Our back office is delivered from the cloud. No hassle. Access with Windows, iOS, Mac OS X and Android devices.

  • Consume data from anywhere, databases, files, enterprise line of business applications and services, either on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Use our unique Data Flow engine to dynamically shape, filter or derive new data.

  • Independently index data sources and empower your apps with advanced cognitive search functions.

  • Incorporate modern statistical and machine learning services into your apps, make big data systems a reality!

  • Scale when you need to, KnowledgeKube is deployed using Microsoft Azure, we understand the need for elastic scale.

  • Need to take advantage of a CESG accredited data centre? Our private cloud and the KnowledgeKube platform is ISO 27001 and CESG security accredited.



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Enterprise Server

The fastest way to deploy cross platform enterprise apps without the need for custom development API’s, cross compilation or the hassle of HTML incompatibilities.

Our new Enterprise Server is unique. Without a doubt, its the fastest way to develop highly connected enterprise apps for Windows, iOS and Android. For the first time business users and IT professionals alike can create, test and deploy enterprise grade apps that can be run across tablet devices, without changes.

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KnowledgeKube enterprise solutions

It's all About the Apps

From small productivity apps to large scale enterprise solutions, the Knowledge platform excels.

One platform, one workflow, KnowledgeKube includes all the tools to build applications of any scale. Everything you need to get up to speed rapidly, without compromising quality is included. User, role and state management, form design, expressions, document generation, data, workflow, middleware access and more.

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Productivity is the Key to Success

The agility of our platform meets business challenges head on and enables businesses and IT departments to be tactical.

Business pressure dictates everything. Market conditions and independent regional growth are no longer compatible with the traditional “stop the world” implementations for IT projects. Our technology is proven and used in over 150 countries.

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KnowledgeKube Success
KnowledgeKube Single Environment

Single Environment, Simple Learning Curve 

KnowledgeKube is a completely self-contained environment with one purpose, app development.

The KnowledgeKube back office is a complete app development environment that puts you in control, with the emphasis on results. Delivered from the cloud to Windows, iOS, Mac OS X and Android devices. Build, test, refine, deploy.

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What's an App Without Data?

Connect your KnowledgeKube apps to data, consume on-premise or cloud based data sources.

Data is everywhere, Databases, ERP, CRM, E-mail, Cloud Services, Networks and IOT. KnowledgeKube treats all data sources in the same, consistent, manner. Easy to understand, easy to use, easy to deploy. 

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KnowledgeKube and data

It's Your Data

KnowledgeKube makes the connection to data even simpler.

Out of the box, access data from over 50 products, services and technologies using KnowledgeKube data source providers, zero programming, zero fuss. Not enough? Use our in-memory data provider, it's compact, secure and fast. Still not enough? Define your own data providers, without programming, without leaving KnowledgeKube.

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While we are on the Subject of Data ...

Need to give your end-users a way to find data, from more than one source, even if those sources have no native indexing or search extensions?

KnowledgeKube can index data independently from its original data source. Two form controls are all you need to empower your end-users with great search experiences.

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Data + Workflow = Data Flow

So, we made it easy for your apps to consume, update, search for and display data but we didn't stop there.

Use our unique Data Flow engine to dynamically shape, filter or derive new data. Automate human or system-based processes, build a repository of re-usable business rules. You can even drive your user interfaces through Data Flow decision trees.

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Scale When You Need To

KnowledgeKube is deployed using the Microsoft Azure cloud.

By adopting the Microsoft Cloud as our deployment platform of choice you can cost effectively scale the KnowledgeKube apps you build and deploy. Success is not something that can be easily predicted, first impressions last, KnowledgeKube supports elastic scale so you can focus on what matters, the app.

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Trust is Everything

Your apps and data are stored securely in the cloud.

Your clients can take comfort that we take security very seriously. Data is transparently encrypted to protect it in play or at rest, network communications are encrypted, high availability and scalability options are a given. Our private cloud and the KnowledgeKube platform is ISO 27001 and CESG security accredited.  

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Online Training Academy

Kick-start your Career.

Learn to rapidly develop applications in KnowledgeKube Today!

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Latest Blog Post

Welcome to our ‘Community’

Welcome to our ‘Community’

The KnowledgeKube Community is now Live!

KnowledgeKube Community is a place where all users can share information, from the basics of using KnowledgeKube and the Training Courses - through to advanced techniques in Process Automation and App Building.

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KnowledgeKube CSV Data Sources

KnowledgeKube CSV data sources are high performance, in memory data structures that can be built and accessed from within the expression engine and placed in a model variable.

The data maintained within this type of data source is stored in a highly compressed format making them ideal for temporary caching scenarios or where you simply don’t need the overhead of a relational data store. CSV data sources can be filtered and updated using the expression engine and displayed using KnowledgeKube UI controls.  

Any type of data source provider, including CSV data source, can be including in KnowledgeKube’s document rendering and reporting facilities.

Smart Caching

Smart caching  is a configurable option that works by storing queried data into a local data store.

Enabling smart caching creates a persistent local cache database that contains a replica of data retrieved from the remote source.

The cache database is small, lightweight, fast, and as persistent storage it can be shared by multiple connections.

Data Sources and the UI

Data sources can be bound to KnowledgeKube user interface controls which are typically composed of dropdown lists, grids and fields.

Data sources can also be used in the expression engine to control an end-users navigation decisions through the use of filtering, expressions and actions.

For example, the data grid control allows you to create extremely powerful user interfaces and represent data in a number of different ways.